We want to hear from you, good or bad, to ensure we're always improving in the choice of venues we offer. Our goal at Bizly is to connect you with the best places for meetings and events, so we take it very seriously when a client has a bad experience at one of our partners' locations. 

While Bizly does facilitate a meeting booking, we can't speak for the hotel themselves and will always make sure that clear lines of communication are established for the issue to be resolved if needed. 

We will review any negative feedback received and contact the hotel about it in an effort to understand both sides and get a complete picture of the incident in question. If there is a confirmed issue and it can possibly be corrected, the hotel will then be given an opportunity to make it right. If not, the hotel will be notified of the problem and we will be sure to work with them to make sure it does not become a recurring issue. 

Our platform is built on respect and trust, and we strive to make that a part of everything we do, including processing feedback.

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