We’re glad you asked. 

We started Bizly to tackle this question exactly. Before Bizly, booking a meeting space for you and your team was a lengthy process cluttered with hunting through various hotel and review sites for the perfect space, negotiating the best rate for your booking that was within your quarterly budget, and then filling out all the paperwork that followed. And don't even get us started on cancelling. 

Because we love simplicity and efficiency, we built Bizly to enable meeting planners, travel managers, CEOs, and freelancers everywhere to book a unique meeting space at 4 and 5-star venues within the space of a few minutes. Our platform allows for tracking all meeting spend in one place and helps teams work within corporate compliance standards so that everyone has a solid experience, no matter where they are on the guest list. 

You could book directly with the hotel, but we're convinced you'll love the ease of booking a meeting with us so much that you'll keep coming back for every meeting.

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